The Pros and Cons of Class Action Lawsuit

Have you been harmed by a company’s defective product? Do you think there are others like you with the same or similar issues affected by the same company?

Now you may wonder if it is worth to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of a group! For many people, the answer is “yes” and for others, it’s “no”.

In fact, it’s not that easy to make a decision as there are both benefits to joining a class action lawsuit and also circumstances in which it’s better to file a private lawsuit.

So if you are considering becoming a part of a class action lawsuit, consider the advantages and disadvantages of a class action!


Class Action Lawsuit Pros

Stronger Together

The number one benefit of class action lawsuit is that class members stand stronger together and increase their ability to successfully pursue legal action with the help of experienced and knowledgeable attorneys!

Join a Class and Pay Less

It’s Friday morning and you still haven’t found the perfect gift for your best friend! You have some money to spend, but not a ton. Well, haven’t you thought of a group gift yet? By pooling everyone’s resources, you can give your friends a high-end gift that they will really use and love, instead of thinking “what the heck am I going to do with this”.

But what does this have to do with a class action lawsuit, you ask? Well, joining with others may not only lower the cost of a birthday gift but the cost of litigation as well.

As a class member, you will spend less money and be able to hire an experienced and highly competent attorney. The thing is the legal costs will be divided between all of the plaintiffs making the case more affordable. Great news for those who don’t make six figures, isn’t it?

Less Strain on the Court System

Class actions may involve hundreds, thousands and even millions of people and it’s even hard to imagine what would happen if all consumers harmed in a similar way decided to file individual claims. So it’s more than clear that class actions are not only good for consumers with violated rights, but for courts as well.

One case in one court is more efficient as it requires less time in the courtroom and fewer judges. Besides, it won’t clog up court schedules causing difficulty for the courts and for everyone.

No One Will Be Left Empty-Handed

When the class of plaintiffs wins the lawsuit, each participant receives some payment. A class action lawsuit assures that everyone involved in the class receives something, even if it is not an amount that fully covers damages.

The best part is that as a member you don’t have to go to the court or participate in the lawsuit in order to get compensation!


Class Action Lawsuit Cons

Lack of Control

As a member of the class be ready to not have a control over how the class action lawsuit is handled or what settlement is reached. Only the representative parties have the power to make important decisions regarding the lawsuit.

So if you want more control and personal involvement, an individual action may be a better choice for you!

Class Actions Can Take Ages Until Settled

Another significant disadvantage of class action lawsuits is that cases take a longer time to settle than an individual lawsuit.

It’s true that each class action is different. While courts resolve some cases in months, others can take several years. However, the majority of class action lawsuits take between two and three years to resolve because of the complicated legal procedures.

So, if you are a kind of person who can’t stand being on hold for more than a minute and even doesn’t have the patience to read this article to the end, consider filing an individual lawsuit!

Don’t Expect to Receive Big Bucks!

As already mentioned, in a class action the court’s decision applies to every participant who has opted into the class. So if the class wins, each participant will receive some payment.

The sad part is that settlements may be worth millions, but your share may not even fully cover damages.

Think Ahead Before Opting Into The Class, Otherwise…

Did you know that if the plaintiffs fail to win the case, they will no longer be able to file new or individual lawsuits over the same issue against the same defendant?

This is why it’s important to opt out of a class action form the very beginning if you feel that your damages are substantially higher than that of other class members!


Get Help from Experienced Class Action Lawsuit Lawyers!

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