Class Action Lawsuit Lawyers in California

In 2018 lawsuits against Facebook over data policy issues became a matter of huge public interest and made headlines. Evidence suggested that Facebook gave many third-party app developers access to around 50 million users’ personal information without obtaining their consent.

Do you imagine what would happen if all 50 million users decided to file individual claims? Well, it would be practically impossible for the jury to hear each individual claim.

That’s why in such cases, a class action lawsuit comes to seek justice for an entire group of people with similar claims.

So if you have been harmed by a company’s defective product, dangerous drug or unfair business, you may want to know a little bit more about your rights as a class member, how class action lawsuits work and how to find class action lawsuit lawyers in California. Ready?


Class Action Lawsuit Explained With Examples

The chances are that if you’re reading this article, someone has violated your consumer rights. We are sure you have already googled “class action lawsuits” and came across various definitions.

In general, a class action lawsuit is a legal action filed against a defendant by an individual or a group of individuals on behalf of hundreds, even thousands of people who have suffered in a similar way.

Plaintiffs often file such lawsuits against government entities, financial institutions, manufacturers, retailers, and employers.

These cases may involve people who were the victims of race discrimination in the workplace, consumers who purchased defective products like vehicles that keep on breaking down, patients who had used drugs that caused serious side effects, etc.

Let’s imagine that a group of people suffered from the same kind of side effects caused by a particular drug! What should they do? They may join together to sue the drug’s manufacturer.

The plaintiffs will file a lawsuit and move for certification as a class! The judge then will determine whether the claims should be tried as a class action.

If it turns out that people have suffered different kinds of side effects from the defective drug, the judge might deny the class certification. This is because the differences in injury would require different evidence for many class members.

If the lead plaintiff is able to prove that all class members have similar claims, the judge certifies the class.

In case the class of plaintiffs wins, the court finds the defendant liable for the plaintiffs’ injuries. Otherwise, the individuals in the group can no longer file new or individual lawsuits over the same issue against the same defendant.

Now when you have a better insight, it’s more than clear that the best approach is to find class action lawsuit lawyers who understand class action lawsuit process and will protect your consumer rights!


Have You Hired a Class Action Lawsuit Lawyer in California Yet?  What Are You Waiting For?

Did you know that class action lawsuits save time, money and energy of everyone involved in the class? But that’s not all!

In a class action, the court’s decision applies to every participant who has opted into the class. That is, if the class of plaintiffs wins, the court finds the defendant liable for the plaintiffs’ injuries, and each participant in the class receives some payment, even if they never actually went to court or participated in the lawsuit.

In fact, we can go on presenting the never-ending advantages of class action lawsuits, but we better give you another advice.

If anyone has violated your consumer rights and you think there are other people like you with the same or similar issues affected by the same company, then you have to find class action lawsuit lawyers right away!

Our class action lawsuit lawyers at Margarian law firm have an excellent reputation of fighting for people who have been injured by big companies.

So get your questions answered by calling us now at (818) 553-1000. We will match you with highly qualified class action lawsuit lawyers in California who will fight for your consumer rights against big businesses and reputable organizations!

Make a call right now that can change yours and others’ lives for the better.

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