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Has someone violated your consumer rights? Do you believe there are other people like you with similar issues affected by the same company? If your answer is “yes” then you should consider filing a lawsuit on behalf of a group!

It goes without saying that first of all you will need to hire a class action lawsuit lawyer with extensive experience and ability to obtain the results you deserve.

So if you decided to start a class action lawsuit, then your next decision will be “which law firm to choose”.

We know that selecting the right attorney is a time-consuming, but inevitable process. Keep reading this page to save your precious little time and find out why choosing Margarian law firm is the right decision for you!

But before we go any further, learn why filing a lawsuit as a class is worth considering.


Class Action Benefits You Should Know!

A class action lawsuit is a legal action filed against a defendant by a group of individuals on behalf of hundreds, even thousands of people who have suffered in a similar way.

In a class action, members stand stronger together and maximize their chances to win the case rather than if just one consumer sued a particular company on his or her own.

Another benefit of filing a lawsuit with others as a class is that each participant in the class receives some payment if the court finds the defendant liable for the plaintiffs’ injuries.

Besides, the legal costs will be divided between a large number of people, making the case more affordable.

In other words, class action lawsuits save time, money and energy of all participants involved in the class!

So if you have been harmed by a company and believe there are others who suffered in a similar way, it is imperative to find a class action law firm that knows the ins and outs, file a lawsuit on behalf of the entire class and fight for your consumer rights!

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend hours and days surfing the internet or asking your colleagues to find the right class action law firm for your case. We know the answer! Just keep scrolling!


Why Choose Us?

Are you a victim of a company’s defective product or unfair business? Do you think you might be a class member? You have come to the right place! Dial (818) 553 -1000 right now for a free consultation to find out if you have the basis for a class action lawsuit.

In fact, the legal requirements of a class action lawsuit are rather complex. That’s why it is vital to choose an experienced class action lawsuit lawyer to represent you.

We are proud that our lawyers at Margarian law firm have the knowledge and experience to handle a broad range of disputes and protect consumer rights in even the most complex class action matters!

Clients usually choose Margarian law firm as our zealous class action lawsuit lawyers work directly with them, help to understand their consumer rights and legal options, represent them collectively against companies and fight for the compensation clients deserve.

To put it another way, our highly-qualified attorneys make a difference for each client they represent.

This is precisely what you need to expect from Margarian law firm for your particular case too!

So get in touch with us today and let us use our years of experience to help you get the long-awaited legal compensation you deserve.


You can review our website, online resources and study the credentials and background of our firm’s attorneys. Plus, speak with our lawyers and get the best treatment for your case! All this will help you make the right decision!

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