Car Problems You’ll Regret Ignoring

Is your car making weird noises, leaking, or causing other troubles? Well, sometimes our vehicles give us warnings that something is wrong. However, we tend to ignore those signs instead of fixing them right away (and even end up losing the chance of getting a refund/replacement if the car turns out to be a lemon).

Here are 6 car problems you should never ignore, no matter how busy you are!

Defective Windows and Locks: If there are any car problems with automatic windows or locks, it is likely that there is a problem with the car’s electrical system. And If there is an electrical issue, this could mean that there is something wrong with the wiring, which can be a very expensive and time-consuming problem.

In fact, any type of electrical failure can cause car fires and have fatal consequences. So, take action immediately, if you notice any signs of electrical failure in your car!

Loose Steering Wheel: When driving, pay attention to the steering. If the steering wheel feels loose in your hands, stop driving to avoid losing control of your vehicle and causing an accident.

Weird or Unusual Smell: If you smell something unpleasant in your car, don’t ignore it — open up the hood to figure out what is going on. Always keep in mind that if the car is functioning properly, you won’t smell anything from the car. An unpleasant scent is a sign that something is leaking or burning (or both) underneath the hood.

Tailpipe Smoke: What color is your vehicle’s tailpipe smoke? Is it black, white, or blue? Actually, thin white smoke is nothing to be concerned about. However, black smoke means that the air-filter may be dirty. Blue smoke is worse as it indicates oil burning, which usually requires expensive repairs.

Brake and Accelerator Pedal Defects: If your brake or accelerator pedals are defective and you feel like you have no control over how fast you’re going, this can cause serious accidents and injuries.

Seat Belt Defects

Seatbelts are important safety features of modern vehicles that save lives and prevent injuries in the event of an accident. However, seat belt failures can result in severe injuries and even death. Scary, right? Well, while this is terrible news, you can protect yourself and your passengers by always wearing your seat belt or by taking immediate action if the seat belts are defective!

Know Your Rights – Car Problems and Lemon Law

If you’re stuck with a defective vehicle, you may have rights if it turns out to be a lemon.

Though state laws vary, most lemon laws protect the owner of a defective car if (1) the car is covered by a warranty, (2) a substantial defect (that impairs the car’s use, safety, or value) occurs within a certain period of time after the purchase, and (3) the defect cannot be corrected after multiple repair attempts.

If you want to know more about your rights, contact the Margarian Law Firm right away. Call us today at (818) 553 -1000 for a FREE consultation with one of our experienced lemon law attorneys.

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