Can I sue the car dealer for misrepresentation?

You saved up for a long time to acquire the car of your dreams and now when you finally own it, you realize that the dealership has lied to you at some point of your purchase. In short, you are one of the millions who is trapped by shrew dealer scams each year. It is apparently a stressful situation, and you will normally feel depressed. So what now? What steps are to be taken? Is it possible to get recovery for the damages you suffered? These are the questions that usually arise after realizing that you became the victim of a car dealer misrepresentation. The good news is that state and federal consumer laws protect you from car dealer’s illegal practices. A knowledgeable dealer fraud attorney can help you understand your consumer rights, sue the car dealer for misrepresentation and get recovery for the damages you suffered. What’s more, attorneys pursuing fraud claims typically work on a contingency fee basis.

Types of Car Dealer Misrepresentation Claims

There are two main types of car dealer misrepresentations: omissions of facts and intentional misrepresentations. Examples of omission of facts include odometer rollbacks, tile-washing and so on. While bait and switch advertising or add-ons are the components of intentional misrepresentation. Accordingly, there can be 2 types of claims regarding car dealer misrepresentation: fraudulent misrepresentation and negligent misrepresentation.

How to Sue Your Car Dealer for Fraudulent Misrepresentation?

To have a successful claim against a car dealer for fraudulent misrepresentation you must be able to prove the following 6 elements:

  1. The car dealer made a false representation.
  2. The car dealer knew the representation was false or made the representation recklessly without knowing if it were true at the time.
  3. The car dealer made the representation with the intention that the plaintiff would rely upon it.
  4. The plaintiff relied on the representation.
  5. It was reasonable for the plaintiff to rely on the representation.
  6. The plaintiff suffered damages as a result of relying on the false representation.

If you are not able to establish all the above-mentioned elements, you will nonetheless have a claim against the dealer for making a fraudulent misrepresentation. Proving the required elements is nearly impossible without the help of an experienced dealer fraud attorney. Our skillful dealer fraud attorneys are eager to fight aggressively for your consumer rights and advocate you in the court to get the compensation you deserve.

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