What to do if You are a Victim of Car Dealer Fraud?

You bought that so much desired car. Unfortunately, after the purchase, you have noticed some disorders and feel that you are a victim of a car dealer fraud. So, what to do? Whom to call? What to say? In this article we will try to give you a helping hand to get the best out the bad situation you stuck in.

What to do

Contact your dealer- tell him/her that you consider him guilty of your car issues and suspect him/her of a car dealer fraud. Provide the dealer with an opportunity to fix the problem. It may happen that the problem was really unknown to the dealer and he/she may be willing to correct the problem.

Contact your state agencies- after getting a negative response from the dealer, your second step will be calling your state agency. Many states have government programs to regulate and monitor car dealers. As a result of your filed complaint, the dealer may be assigned to correct the problem, or in some cases may also lose his/her license. But, keep in mind that not all cases may be treated as grave so as to apply strict punishment. The agency may send a warning letter to the dealer.

Private legal action- if you think that there is no other way to complain about the car dealer fraud, you may pursue a private legal action. Your claim may refer to breach of contract, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, etc. For example, if you file a claim for the fraud you may establish that the dealer intentionally misled you in order to influence your decision to buy.

Common types of dealer fraud

Surely, the number of a car dealer fraud cases is not a few. But the following ones occur widely:

  • Car dealer sells accident-damaged vehicles without notifying the consumer about its “poor” history
  • Rolling back the odometer
  • Selling overpriced vehicles
  • Concealing the fact that the car needs to be repaired
  • Bait and switch which is a common type of fraudulent advertising

Car dealer fraud attorney

If you have chosen legal solutions for your case, there is no way out without an experienced dealer attorney. He/she will help you with the evaluation of the case and explain your rights as a consumer. Your car dealer fraud attorney will do his/her best to show what will come out of the lawsuit and what you should expect from the case. All documentation will be filed with the attorney’s supervision and help. So, don’t get afraid of those complicated rules and regulations. Your legal “safeguard” is there for you. 

File a claim

To file a claim against the dealer or repair shop you should take the following procedures:

  • Complete online K-35 Consumer Complaint Form
  • Print 2 copies of forms and sign
  • Send one of the copies to DMV Consumer Complaint Center, and the other one to the dealer who you file complaint against
  • Provide phone number and email to reach you

Note. Include the copies of all paperwork. Don’t add originals.

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