Things to do after a Car Accident

One may be too confused after a car accident, but there are a number of things to do after you have been involved in one. Do not let emotions overcome you, take quick steps in order to avoid future problems. Following are several things you should do after an accident occurred.

  • The first thing you should do after an accident is making sure everyone in the vehicle is safe. If you think anyone has got serious injuries, you should, of course, call the police and/or emergency services.


  • Make sure to turn on hazard lights so that other drivers notice your vehicle. You do not want to become the cause of other accidents, don’t you? Besides, make sure you do not cross the traffic while taking safety measures.


  • Regardless whether you or the passengers have got injuries, you should report the incident to the police. This will save you proper documentation of the accident if you decide to file a car accident injury claim later on.


  • While the police are coming, try to gather as much evidence about the accident as possible. Use your phone or any other camera to take photos of the vehicles, visible damages, the overall accident scene itself. Those pictures will help you report the accident later on.


  • Gather as much information about the concerned parties as you can. For example, you can ask them for names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance information and so on. Of course, the police will obtain such information, but you can document this all for the future.


  • Collaborate only with the police about the accident. Report everything that happened only to the police. Indicate witnesses, if any, as this will make it easier for the police to investigate the matter.


  • Contact your insurance company and get proper instructions from them.


  • Compile all the accident-related information together. Include not only the Insurance Claim Number, the Police report number, but also the data that you gathered by yourself.


  • Contact a car accident injury lawyer after a car accident. As soon as the lawyer sees the documents you have gathered, he/she will be able to evaluate the case and tell you to what extent he/she can protect your rights in the court.

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