Common Car Accident Injuries

A car accident is an incident that may pose serious safety hazards and may result in fatal injuries. Depending on the type of the collision, there may be different car accident injuries. It should be noted that not only the driver is under the risk of getting serious harm, but also the passengers of the vehicle. Following are several types of common car accident injuries:

Brain and Head Injuries

A hit to the head may result in a traumatic brain injury which may be either quite mild or rather severe. A severe traumatic brain injury may make it hard or even impossible to speak, hear, memorize, control emotions, concentrate and so on. Other head injuries may result in blindness or loss of hearing, jaw breaks, loss of teeth and so on.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries may involve disc injury or cervical dislocation. A common type of neck injuries is the whiplash that may result in the loss of function of limbs or other parts of the body. Neck and back injuries may also result in chronic pain that accompanies a person until the end of his/her life. Needless to say that a broken neck may result in an instant death.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Injuries to the spinal cord may result in the loss of feeling and/or function. The thing is that certain nerve cells may get damaged as a result of the accident, leading to serious side effects.There may also occur lower back injuries that may limit the mobility of the injured person and cause lasting pain and discomfort in the area of injury.

Internal Injuries

Car accidents may cause not only external but also internal injuries such as: injures to bowels, kidneys, heart, lungs, liver and so on. Internal injuries may result in fatalities, so they need to be examined by a medical professional as soon as possible. People are more likely to get internal injuries due to front- and side-impact collisions.

Other common car accident injuries may be broken bones and burns that also may result in fatalities and long-term sufferings. Besides, we should not overlook the fact of psychological pain that a person usually gets when involved in a car accident. In some cases, people may even suffer phobias, long-term psychological problems, and stress.

Above all else, you should remember, that car accidents may be the fault of other drivers.The manufacturer who has not taken care that all the car components be safe and without any blemish should also be held responsible for what happened. Hence, if you think that the car accident case you have been involved in is a liability case, then do not hesitate to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. You can contact the Margarian Law Firm for legal help at (818)-553-1000.


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