Class Action Lawsuit Against Canada Dry Ginger Ale for Allegedly Containing No Ginger

Glendale, CA – The Margarian Law Firm has filed suit against Dr. Pepper for allegedly falsely advertising the contents of its ginger ale. Dr. Pepper produces the “Canada Dry” brand of ginger ale products. Canada Dry Ginger Ale claims on its bottle that it is made from real ginger, but it turns out that Canada Dry Ginger Ale might not contain any ginger whatsoever. If the allegations are true, Dr. Pepper may be liable for deceptively misrepresenting the contents of its Canada Dry Ginger Ale products.

When consumers purchase products with an ingredient in the name, they expect that product to contain that specific ingredient. For example, apple juice is expected to contain apples, and strawberry ice cream is expected to contain strawberries. Likewise, consumers who purchase ginger ale expect it to contain some amount of ginger. Consumers have reasonable expectations too. They do not expect apple juice to contain only apples, or for ginger ale to be made entirely of ginger, but they do expect the product to have a reasonable amount of the ingredient present.

This issue of deception goes beyond a matter of principle. Ginger is a valued ingredient not only for its flavor but also for its medicinal properties. Ginger has been used to settle upset stomachs since ancient times. Many consumers may recall being given ginger ale to soothe an upset stomach when they were sick with the flu or suffered motion sickness on a flight. However, many of these individuals likely had no idea that the supposed remedy they were drinking contained none of the primary ingredients they were taking it for, ginger. Under these circumstances, the beverage was nothing more than a placebo.

Consumers who purchased Canada Dry Ginger Are believing it to contain real ginger may be entitled to compensation for Dr. Pepper’s misrepresentations.

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