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California Lemon Law

California Lemon Law

The concept of the “lemon law” was adopted to protect consumers’ rights when they purchase products plagued with serious defects. If a product cannot be properly repaired before the deadline, (usually within the warranty period) or if the item continues to have a defect that substantially impairs its use or safety after the repairs, then it is considered to be a “lemon.”
Consumers who find themselves with a lemon should find a good consumer protection lawyer who will protect and find compensation for them through lemon law. Each state varies in its definition of what a “lemon” is, as well as, the requirements necessary for a consumer to take action.

Generally in the state of California, a car may qualify as a lemon if it has been repaired multiple times for the same defect or an unreasonable amount of times for various unrelated auto defects within the warranty period. The law is very pro-consumer as it allows the consumer to obtain a refund of all of his/her monthly payments, down payment and other consequential expenses less a statutory usage charge based on the time the vehicle first becomes defective. In addition, the law mandates that the manufacturer pays for the consumer’s attorney’s fees. Thus our office charges nothing out-of-pocket from the consumer. This is why California lemon law is one of the most effective and pro-consumer laws in the USA.

You may learn more about specifics of California’s lemon law (codified under the Song-Beverly Warranty Act) but watching the following videos and visiting our lemon law site (lemonlawcourt.com) which is dedicated solely to lemon law.

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