Reasonable Repair Opportunities under the California Lemon Law

As provided for in the Song-Beverly Warranty Act of California, consumers must first seek their Lemon Car redresses from the car dealer or the manufacturer before engaging the legal system in yet another in the never-ending processions of legal actions.

The law states that the buyer should seek reasonable repair chances. This “reasonable” differs according to what may be wrong with a given vehicle. If the problem is serious then even just two repair visits may be enough for labeling it a Lemon. Such a problem can be a braking failure that may endanger the driver, passengers or others.

But if you are simply not very happy with your new Dodge Durango’s Thin Film Transistor seven-inch customizable digital gauge cluster display’s tendency to be somewhat un-viewable when the sunlight hits it in a certain way, it might be a tough sell to call that a defect that would qualify it as a Lemon Car.

If the car’s rate of speed and other critical data like tire pressure and engine temperature are un-viewable in daylight. And you brought it into the car dealership to see if a remedy was available. Then it might at least count as a repair visit. This could then enable it to qualify as a Lemon Car.

Then later on down the road– as long as that road didn’t exceed 18,000 miles or take over eighteen months to get there– the steering wheel mounted paddle shifters begin to malfunction, impairing your ability to shift the car’s gears and to adjust the speed control feature. And then you brought it into the dealer to correct, that may again count as another repair visit number towards securing the Lemon Car moniker.

Lemon Car Status

The actual determination of certifying Lemon Car status may become a moot point if you can gain the cooperation and goodwill of your car dealership. If not, save those receipts, other associated reasonable repair records, and their consequences. Such could be having to rent a car while your other is in the shop. Take these documents to a Lemon Law attorney and let them do their legal stuff to fight for your rights.


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