California Lemon Law For Used Cars With No Warranty

While many consumers know that California Lemon Laws apply to new and used vehicles (in certain cases), others may be asking themselves, “Does California Lemon Law apply to used cars with no warranty?’’

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What You Should Know Before Buying Used Cars With No Warranty

Recently one of my colleagues bought a vehicle “as-is”. Six months after the purchase the vehicle operates fine. Yes, many people buy cars that are sold “as-is’’. And that’s fine. However, I’ve made the decision not to buy a used car with no warranty. Let me explain why.

I know it’s less expensive to purchase a vehicle “as-is’’ than to buy a brand-new car. But here’s another fact: buying a used car “as-is’’ is risky. If your newly purchased used car turns out to be defective, the seller isn’t responsible for any problems. Instead, only the buyer will be responsible for the cost of repairs.

Given all of the above, it’s no surprise that I refuse to buy a used car with no warranty?

Just Because You Bought a Vehicle “As-Is” Doesn’t Mean You Are Without Legal Rights

California has enacted one of the strongest lemon laws in the country to protect consumers like you (yes, even if you bought a used car with no warranty). The thing is sellers sometimes fail to follow proper legal procedures when it comes to the sale of “as is” vehicles.

If you are purchasing a vehicle “as is” then the seller must attach a sign or label to the vehicle stating that the vehicle is sold “as is.” It must also include that the quality and performance of the vehicle is the buyer’s sole responsibility. The document should also explain that if the owner discovers any defects after the purchase, he or she will be responsible for the cost of repairs.

If the seller does not have this information displayed, California Lemon Law states it is not a proper “as is” sale and the consumer may be eligible for legal protection.

But, let me say it again: I will never buy a used vehicle sold “as-is” because it’s risky.

Talk to a Lemon Law Attorney About Your Case

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