California Lemon Law FAQs

What is a Lemon?

A Lemon is a vehicle that has been in the dealership or a repair facility for repairs for four or more times due to the same problem or defect. If that defect substantially impairs the use, value and the safety of the vehicle, then the vehicle can get the label of a “Lemon.” Mainly vehicles with an original manufacturer warranty are eligible for protection by the Lemon Law.

Are used cars eligible for protection by California Lemon Law?

Yes. You may do it if you purchased your used car with its manufacturer warranty. Another way to cover it is to have had your car repaired under the manufacturer warranty and it is now out of warranty. It still qualifies for Lemon Law coverage. Depending on the mileage and the severity of the defect, you may still be able to file a Lemon Law claim against the manufacturer.

Can my leased car be covered by the Lemon Law?

Yes. Regardless whether you have purchased or leased your vehicle, if it is defective, it can be eligible for protection. 

What if I purchased the car outside of California?

For you to qualify for protection under the California Lemon Law, you must have purchased, registered, and repaired your car in California.

What should I do if I think my car is a Lemon?

First of all, you should contact the dealer you purchased the vehicle from. This means that you should give the dealer a chance or two to repair the vehicle. Make sure you document all the repairs performed on the car. Do not forget to preserve the copies of all repair receipts and checks. If after several repair attempts the dealer cannot fix the problem, you can ask the manufacturer to either refund or replace the vehicle. If the same problem has affected your vehicles for 4 or more times, or if the vehicle has been in the repair shop for a cumulative of 30 days, then it can be branded as a Lemon. But note that only substantial defects are covered by the law. Things like cosmetic problems, strange noises are not considered to be substantial defects.

What if I cannot afford an attorney?

The Margarian Law Firm does not charge anything to its customers. Our Firm is a full-service law firm in California working on a contingency fee basis. This means the consumer does not have to pay anything to the lawyer. We will collect attorney’s fees after we win the case for you. If the attorney fails to win the case for you, you do not owe them anything, either.

If you or a loved one got a defective vehicle that the manufacturer or the dealership do not or cannot repair, then you should contact our law firm. Contact us if you need a free case evaluation and further legal help. Pick up your phone and call us at (818) 553-1000.


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