California’s Lemon Law: Avoid Getting Stuck with a Lemon

Buying a new vehicle is a significant investment, one that promises comfort, convenience, and reliability. Unfortunately, sometimes that brand-new car turns out to be a ‘lemon’ – a vehicle with chronic, unresolvable problems. But don’t fret; if you find yourself in this sour situation in California, there’s a legal remedy at your disposal: California’s Lemon Law. This article will guide you through the basics of this law and how the Margarian Law Firm can help.


Understanding California’s Lemon Law
The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, commonly known as California’s Lemon Law, offers comprehensive protection to consumers who purchase or lease new or used vehicles that turn out to be defective. If the manufacturer or its authorized dealer cannot repair a covered defect after a reasonable number of attempts, the consumer may be entitled to a replacement or refund.


Covered Vehicles
While the law is most commonly associated with new cars, it covers a wide variety of vehicles, including used cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, and motorcycles, provided they are still under the original manufacturer’s warranty. This coverage includes the chassis, chassis cab, and drivetrain of a motorhome.


Reasonable Repair Attempts
What constitutes a ‘reasonable number’ of repair attempts depends on the nature of the defect. If the defect is likely to cause death or severe bodily injury, the manufacturer gets two attempts to repair it. For less serious defects that substantially impair the use, value, or safety of the vehicle, the law typically allows for four attempts.


If your vehicle qualifies as a ‘lemon,’ you could be entitled to a refund or replacement vehicle. Refunds typically include the vehicle’s purchase price, sales tax, registration fees, and any out-of-pocket expenses related to the defective vehicle, minus a small offset for the consumer’s use of the vehicle. Alternatively, you can opt for a new, defect-free vehicle of the same make and model, or a similar model if the original model is no longer available.


The Margarian Law Firm Advantage
Navigating the intricacies of California’s Lemon Law can be complex. That’s where the Margarian Law Firm can help. As seasoned professionals specializing in Lemon Law cases, our team provides unmatched expertise and knowledge.
We work tirelessly to ensure you are justly compensated, whether that means negotiating a settlement with the manufacturer or taking your case to trial. We handle all aspects of your case, from assessing its viability to drafting a demand letter, from gathering evidence to representing you in court.
Moreover, the Margarian Law Firm operates on a contingency basis. This means that if we don’t win, you don’t pay. And if we do win, California’s Lemon Law requires the manufacturer to pay our attorney’s fees.
Finally, we pride ourselves on our personalized approach. We understand that each case is unique, and we tailor our strategies accordingly to give you the best chance of success.
In conclusion, dealing with a ‘lemon’ can be a frustrating experience. But armed with the knowledge of California’s Lemon Law and the expert help of the Margarian Law Firm, you can turn your sour situation into a sweet victory.

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