My rights for my broken used cars

Buying a used car has many privileges: it is more affordable, the insurance rates are low, saving on depreciation and so on. But what if your newly-bought used car fails to function properly just after a few weeks after the purchase? It goes without saying that used cars are most likely to be at the risk of being problematic.

Mostly, used car owners feel hopeless when they discover a car problem after several days of their car purchase. Being aware of their rights can throw used car owners into great relief. Every state has used car lemon laws that offer protection for used car owners. California used car lemon law requires car dealers to fix used car problems that arise within the first few weeks. You are entitled to a replacement or refund if you have purchased a used-car lemon car and it meets the following qualifications:

  • The used car is sold with a warranty.
  • The used car has a substantial defect.
  • The used car has been in for repair for an excessive number of days.
  • The defect cannot be fixed after a reasonable number of attempts.

In 2013, California updated its civil code instructing “buy here, pay here” dealers to offer a warranty for 30 days or 1,000 miles driven, whichever comes first. If the dealer is not able to repair car problems that arise during the first 1,000 miles or 30 days, it must offer the car owner a refund on the purchase. The warranty covers the most essential components of a car, such as brakes, steering, engine, transmission, and so on.

Used Cars Sold With a Dealer’s Warranty

In California, used cars qualify for protection under the used car lemon law if they are sold with a warranty. If used cars come with a manufacturer’s warranty – that is usually given for 3 years and 36.000 miles – they still qualify under new car lemon law coverage.  In the event a used car is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, the dealer must provide a warranty for the used car to qualify under used car lemon law. Dealer’s warranties for used cars are generally limited from 30 days to 3 months, sometimes even longer. The existence of a dealer’s warranty is stated in the Buyer’s guide. The Buyer’s Guide contains two boxes, one labeled “Warranty” and the other “As Is.”  If the warranty box is checked, then your vehicle came with a dealer warranty and the car problems will be fixed by the dealership.

Dealer warranties cover only certain components of a car as usual. If one of the components has substantial defects, then the dealer must fix it within a reasonable number of attempts or offer you a buyback if it is not able to repair the defects.

So, if your recent used car purchase turns to be a real headache, and car problems arise just after several days or weeks after you bought it, a qualified lemon law attorney will help you better understand your rights and options. If your used car is still under warranty and has problems, take action to protect your rights and connect the skillful and experienced lemon law attorneys at the Margarian Law firm. Our knowledgeable,  dedicated and determined lemon law attorneys are ready to handle your case professionally and achieve the best possible results.

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