Would You Pay $152,000 for a BMW M6 with Excessively Noisy Brakes?

BMW Says That’s the Normal Working Condition of Their Performance Brakes

Do you think about getting BMW M6 with Excessively Noisy Brakes? If you want to get the BMW M Carbon Ceramic Brake system and pay more than $9,000 to get these performance brakes. BMW offers the M Carbon Ceramic Brakes exclusively on its M series. The vehicles that you may order with these brakes are the M3 and M5 sport sedans, the M4 and M6 coupes and convertibles, the X5M and X6M performance SUVs. The starting price for this option is worth of $9000 on all of these models.

So What Happened?

After hearing several complaints from BMW M6 we started our research. Drivers were frustrated that their $100,000 cars were making an annoying noise when braking. During the research, we found several complaints about the noise that these brakes make. However, from BMW’s side, there was just one interview with BMW M engineer Klaus Dullinger. He disclosed that: “In general, operational noise can be generated with any high-performance brake under certain driving conditions. However, with sports pads, we do without any form of comfort factor in the car components, which means that considerable braking noise is simply a fact of life for people who choose to use them.” 

What Does BMW Website Tell Us?

Nonetheless, a person willing to buy a car with an MSRP ranging from $62,000 to $152,000 has no idea that his or her car’s braking noise is simply a fact of life if he or she chooses to pay an additional $9,000 to get ceramic brakes. BMW North America does not disclose this fact anywhere on its website!

We conducted further research to see whether BMW revealed the issue anywhere else. We found out that BMW NA’s website allows one to download the PDF versions of owners’ manuals for most BMW models available. But not for the BMW models with the affected optional breaks. Suspecting that owners’ manuals may have some information on the topic we obtained a hard copy from one of our clients. As anticipated the owners’ manual disclosed the excessive brake noise. Thus it appears that BMW is purposefully concealing the brake noise. BMW does not make the information available via downloadable owner’s manuals. This means that drivers will only know about the problem after they have driven off the lot with their new vehicles. 

All these factors are taken as a whole lead to only one conclusion.

 BMW couldn’t make these monster performance brakes perform as good as they do and be silent. 

Recently one of our trusted sources informed us that there is a trend at some BMW dealerships to make the prospective purchasers/lessees sign a disclosure form regarding the noisy ceramic brakes. This is done in the haste of executing the lease/purchase documents. Therefore, the disclosure is arguably done more so as to protect the dealerships than to inform the consumers.

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