Recall Alert: 107K Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and BMW Vehicles Recalled

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced about Mercedes Benz, Hyundai and BMW recalls in USA. The NHTSA allows you to search vehicle recalls and check about latest recalls.

Hyundai has the largest share of vehicle recalls from 107,436 vehicles in the country.

The manufacturer announced that the latest models of Hyundai Genesis has defective seat belt parts that can lead to an explosion during an accident.

The second part of the latest recalls fell on luxury brands such as Mercedes Benz and BMW.

Hyundai recalls Genesis cars for the possibility of seat belt explosion.

According to NHTSA papers, Hyundai is recalling 65,517 Genesis SUVs and sedans due to a problem that might cause a portion of the seat belt pretensioner to burst.

During an accident, too much pressure in the seat belt pretensioners can cause them to explode.

According to the NHTSA assessment, the explosion can send metal shards flying, posing a safety risk to car occupants.

Hyundai Genesis affected vehicles: 

  • 9,720 2021-2023 Genesis G80
  • 940 2023-2023 Genesis GV60
  • 21,917 2022-2023 Genesis GV70
  • 32,940 2020-2023 Genesis GV80

Owners will be provided a free repair at a Hyundai approved dealer and Hyundai will notify owners about the recall on April 17 announced by NHTSA.

Mercedes Benz recall over ABS issues.

Following the report the front axle wire harness can come into touch with an auxiliary oil cooler and wear to the point where the ABS and ESP are compromised.

Mercedes-Benz affected vehicles:

  • 11,018 2019-2021 Mercedes-Benz G550
  • 15,098 2019-2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG G63

Owners should get notification about the recall by April 18. According to the NHTSA report, authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers will provide free axle wire harness replacement or a protective jacket for the harness.

BMW Vehicles have been recalled due to incorrectly constructed air bags.

According to an NHTSA investigation, about 15,803 BMW SUVs have been recalled because they may have been constructed with faulty driver air bags.

According to the investigation, the air bags were not produced to the vehicle’s standards, posing a safety concern if they failed to deploy on their planned trajectory after an accident.

BMW SUVs recalled vehicles:

  • 9,464 2022-2023 BMW iX xDrive40, iX xDrive50, iX M60
  • 6,339 2022-2023 BMW X1 xDrive28i

In the NHTSA report, BMW will notificate owners of the recall on April 7, providing free air bag replacements.

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