CA Lemon Law

Driving a Lemon?

You deserve the best lemon law lawyers to fight for your rights and get you your Lemon Law Refund without having to pay any out-of-pocket legal fees.

Auto Dealer Fraud

Cheated by a Dealer?

Non-disclosure of previous accident, frame damage or odometer rollback? Let us fight for you and get you a full refund refund of paid summs.

Class Action Lawsuits

Fight for Everyone

If a group of people are injured or suffer losses because of the same product and/or defect, a lawsuit can be filed on behalf of all those injured or harmed.

The Margarian Law Firm

The Automotive Litigation Lawyers for Over 16 Years

We are a Los Angeles based law firm specializing in Lemon Law, Dealer Fraud and Class Action cases. We have represented clients on variety of Automotive cases, ranging from individual refund claims to large nationwide class action lawsuits. By exclusively litigating Automotive cases, we are skilled and armed with all the tools necessary to provide exceptional legal representation to all of our clients.

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The Litigators Who Fight For YOU!

The Margarian Law Firm was founded in 2006 in Sherman Oaks, CA. Our lawyers have the experience and competence to represent you against all vehicle manufacturers and dealerships in any case that you may have. The manufacturers and dealerships have huge law firms protecting their interests, so should you!
We welcome you to get to know us in person and learn about our experience, common sense and result driven approach. We pride ourselves in going the distance in every case. This is why our law firm is very selective in cases we choose to handle.

$300+ Million Recovered

We are always willing to stand up and protect the rights of consumers.

5000+ Cases

When it comes to success and experience, numbers count.

16+ Years

Exclusively litigating Automotive cases in CA and through nationwide class actions.

No Cost to You

We fight for you with no out-of-pocket costs to you on Lemon Law and Dealer Fraud cases.

In-house Garage

Trial prep starts from day one with our complimentary and comprehensive vehicle inspections.

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With thousands of attorneys in California, it may seem hard to choose the most competent one. It’s essential to look at the firm’s reputation and experience in handling cases, before making a decision. 
Along with our 16+ years of professional experience and over quarter billion dollars recovered for our clients, our attorneys received high reputation and trust from the consumers and prestigious legal institutions in the country. 

California Lemon Law guarantees compensation for customers who have Lemons. This compensation can include the buyback of the defective vehicle, the payment of attorney’s fees, or a cash settlement. If your vehicle is a Lemon, or if you were a victim of dealer fraud, contact The Margarian Law Firm and have your case evaluation at no cost by our team of professionals.

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